Now Accepting Proposals for Wintersession!


Now is the time to join the cause.  We're calling for the BEST YEAR OF QUICKIES YET.  I am SO PUMPED to read this year's haul of proposals. 

There's going to be a mix of seasoned veterans – all-star workshops we've featured in past years – and newcomers that will push students to question what is possible in our academic spaces when students are creating the curricula.

If you're reading this, we're looking for you.  What's your shtick?  The lines between hobbies and thesis projects start to blur when we put our expertise out in the community for adaptation and adoption. 

Read on, to see some examples of the workshops that have been taught in the last two years, visit 'About' to see the bright faces of the Quickies team and visit 'Propose A Quickie'  to get on board with our in-studio/extra-curricular movement!