Indigo Dying

The pictures really don't do this one justice. See that sweatshirt wearing guy with the awful mutton chops (me)? That sweatshirt easily became five times cooler that afternoon after I covered it in a mesmerizing pattern of indigo swirls inside our vat. The process is delightfully simple. Take some natural fibers (cotton, silk, linen, wool), and stick them in the bucket of blue for a few minutes and violà, it is indigo. With a little bit a prep work, some amazing patterns can be created in the depths of that murky trashcan. For a 'tie-dye' look, garments can be knotted up or covered in rubber bands to impede the indigo mixture from seeping in. For more of a mark–making approach, wax is melted on the the fabric as a resist and then later washed off. At Second Life there is a surplus of odd fabrics that are ripe for dying. One student, Courtney Lam (AP '13) even used her dyed fabrics to make dresses for her thesis project. Go Quickies!