RISD Quickies is a forum for student-led, student-taught workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. 

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Down the Rabbit Hole

For the RISD Museum's special "Design the Night: Down the Rabbit Hole" event, three different quickies workshops teamed up to offer museum-goers and exciting evening of DIY. Suzie Shin (GD '17) and students created hand-drawn animations, Olivia Park (GD '18) and Somnath Bhatt (GD '18) helped visitors bind their own books, and Elizabeth Goodspeed (BRDD GD'16) showed guests how to write in all sorts of whimsical script.

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Dude, Nice Shirt!

Kevin Cadena (GD '16), resident screenprinting expert, walks students through the process of printing a shirt – drawing, design, and screen-burning all the way to printing and setting.

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Jacob Seiferle-Valencia (AP '16) has the moves. In this workshop, he demonstrated how to Vogue, pose, and generally rule the dance floor.

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Elizabeth Goodspeed (BRDD GD '16), RISD Quickies Coordinator, shows students the ins and outs of brush lettering. Using ink, brush pens, sharpies, and pencil, participants learned how to write in script and roman letters both historical and of their own creation. All while listening to a Disco playlist, of course.

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The Computer Graphics Pipeline

In this expansive three part workshop, wunderkind Saad Moosajee (GD '16) covered CGI techniques from Maya all the way to Final Cut Pro. Students had their minds collectively blown as the created built environments and developed their own small animations.

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Museum Textiles

Peyton North's lovely set-up for her Museum Textiles workshops. Students explored the collection at the RISD Museum, and then creating small weavings inspired by the things they saw.

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Analog GIFS

This afternoon, 20 people gathered to learn the secrets of the language de franca of the modern internet: the GIF. Participants made their own GIFS by hand; drawing an infinite loop of infinite possibility frame by frame before feeding them into a machine to output their moving masterpieces. Instructed by Barron Webster (GD '16).

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Students met in the Graphic Design Typeshop to look at artist books, learn a variety of bookbinding methods, and make a book of their own for practice. The quickie was led by instructor Natalie Shields (GD '15), whose book was recently featured on "Our RISD" and accepted into University of Washington Special Collections archive.


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Leah Bryson (TX '15) led a whopping 30 students through casting on, knitting, and purling, in Carr Haus lounge this past Tuesday. Students partnered up to cast on and met new friends, and were also able to learn enough about the basics of knitting to allow them think about future knitting projects they might pursue.

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Homemade Pasta

Pasta making was a huge success! 20 people from Brown and RISD got together to learn how to make pasta dough, roll it out, and create two classic Italian pasta shapes. Served with homemade tomato sauce from Adriana Gallo (IL '15)'s family recipe. More information on the recipe used, and how to make your own, can be found on Adriana's blog

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Introduction to Illustrator

35 students showed up on Tuesday night to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Instructor Brian Hicks (GD '16) started with the basics – the pen tool, the shape tool, and the pathfinder window – before moving on to more advanced techniques. By the end of the workshop, students were able to create their own digital posters and designs.

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Improvisational Fabic Silkscreen and Dyeing

On Saturday afternoon, Pierie Korostoff (BRDD TX '16), instructed students on a wide variety of fabric silkscreen and dyeing methods that don't require any time-consuming screen burning. Techniques such as paper stencils, flat squeegeeing, brush painting, taping off designs, and crowd favorite "caning" (seen below) were utilized with glee by an enthusiastic crowd of 11. Students left with a large piece of their own finished cloth, and loads of new ideas.

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Scratch Away

We had our very first Quickie with Scratch Away! 

We had a full house with 18 attendees, who worked away at copper plates and woodblocks. Particpants will come back tomorrow to make more prints from their plates and blocks.

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Now Accepting Proposals for Wintersession!


Now is the time to join the cause.  We're calling for the BEST YEAR OF QUICKIES YET.  I am SO PUMPED to read this year's haul of proposals. 

There's going to be a mix of seasoned veterans – all-star workshops we've featured in past years – and newcomers that will push students to question what is possible in our academic spaces when students are creating the curricula.

If you're reading this, we're looking for you.  What's your shtick?  The lines between hobbies and thesis projects start to blur when we put our expertise out in the community for adaptation and adoption. 

Read on, to see some examples of the workshops that have been taught in the last two years, visit 'About' to see the bright faces of the Quickies team and visit 'Propose A Quickie'  to get on board with our in-studio/extra-curricular movement!

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Myles Dunigan (PR '10) loves painstakingly crafted scratches filled with thick ink. And the results are gorgeous. On the door–tables at Second Life, Myles demonstrates the process of covering copper plates with printmaking ink the consistency of tar and gently wiping away the excess with the palm of your hand. Experimenting with copper and aluminum plates, folks immediately grabbed burins, scribes and scrapers to carve images directly into the metal plates. Through the workshop everyone had the chance to make a few plates and bring home at least a dozen prints (christmas presents anyone?) Not, of course, before the group traded prints to start their budding art collection.

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