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CGI for Film

  • Design Center, 6th Fl Classroom 30 N Main St Providence, RI, 02903 United States (map)

The CGI for film Quickie will be a series of three lessons that gives participants a basic idea of how a feature film gets made using CGI from start to finish. This three part workshop takes place at 7pm on January 12th, 14th, & 16th.

The three lessons of the CGI for film Quickie are:
1. Form (hard surface modeling, organic modeling / sculpting) software: Maya + Mudbox or Cinema 4D
2. Look (shading, lighting) software: Cinema 4D
3. Movement (basic keyframed animation vs. simulated animation e.g dynamics / particles, will also include rendering theory) software: cinema 4D or Houdini

To be effective CGI producers, students should know how form, look, and movement all work together. However, at an introductory level, each lesson of this series will be autonomous and geared at getting people excited about the content of the particular lesson and program. Participants will get the most out of the Quickies if they go to all three, but it's possible to attend only 1/3 or 2/3!

Each lesson will begin with the instructor, Graphic Design junior Saad Moosajee, showing some reference material to provide context for what students will be doing in that unit. After looking at reference material, students will work on re-creating a specific image / animation from the reference material. Saad will also be creating a blog for students to reference which houses all of the content to each lesson.

Students will need to download a free trial of the software beforehand so that they can follow along. Feel free to email us for more information on this Quickie!